I’ll be keeping you posted…

Welcome to my world!

Firstly,  a big thankyou to the very talented Emma Rudling who has created this site for me…

Now I’m up and running (well, ambling, at least) I’ll be updating this blog regularly with details of competitions and submissions info relevant to new writers, as well as ideas and suggestions for writing exercises. I’ll also be commenting on news from the publishing frontline and welcoming comments from readers and other writers.

Please feel free to contact me with suggestions, and I hope you enjoy the writing journey!

3 thoughts on “I’ll be keeping you posted…

  1. Brett Pransky

    Dropped in on the Legend Press website for the first time in ages, and followed it here. I like to know when people look me up, so I thought the least I could do was let you know I poked around a bit. I like the look.

    Brett Pransky

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