About writing

When you tell people for the first time that you’re a published writer, there are generally two reactions. One is – “Yeah, I’ve always thought I should write a novel myself,” and the other is along the lines of an embarrassed pause and a swift change of subject. It’s hard to say which reaction is more flummoxing; the casual assumption that your labour of love is a commonplace that anybody could achieve (the cheek!) or the uncomfortable silence which implies that the listener thinks your work will be crap and is desperate for you not to read it out loud. Mind you, I’m as bad; I still get fits of ungracious giggles if anyone tries to perform their poetry for me…

Godrevy Lighthouse

Godrevy Lighthouse inspired and featured in ‘Views from the Beach’ in ‘Eight Hours’

I write because I need to explore the characters and scenarios that pop into my head (often at utterly inappropriate moments), because I love to communicate my thoughts and feelings, but most of all because I believe that writing is the most fun one can have on one’s own.

I am constantly amazed to discover how many of the people I meet have hidden talents, whether for art, singing, caring, drama or sport, or have huge traumas in their lives which go (for the most part) undetected and unsuspected. I think it is this fascination with people and the surprises they spring on each other that inspires a lot of my stories; I find human behaviour endlessly absorbing and love to explore it on the page.

I have a desire to ‘give something back’ – and not just those few insights I have into life (mostly along the lines of ‘never trust a man with short legs’). I want to explore the beauty and tragedy that is found in every life, and share the spiritual tingle that comes from an instant of pure communion with nature. I also get so much enjoyment from reading that I’d love to be able to pass it on – what better way than by trying to write books that other readers can enjoy?

Hmmm. Sounds very noble, doesn’t it? Actually, the real reason I write is because for as long as I can remember, I have always aspired to write well and I can’t imagine being truly happy doing anything else.

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