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Fish Publishing Anthology 2018

For the winning stories in the 2018 collection, novelist Billy O’Callaghan (short story judge) said: “The standard is high, in terms of the emotional impact these writers managed to wring from just a few pages.”   This anthology includes my story ‘Cranberry Sauce’ of which the judge commented: “Well written and well constructed. A real-world problem, nice build-up of tension, and narrative handled with sensitive vulnerability. Best of all, though, there is just a lovely lightness of touch.”   Available now in paperback and Kindle from Amazon.



Screen Shot 2015-11-26 at 19.26.06Bath Short Story Award 2015

The winning and shortlisted stories in the 2015 collection, “deal with the way we live in all corners of the world; diversity in action and emotion.”  (Carrie Kania, literary agent and 2015 Bath Short Story Award shortlist judge.)  Includes my shortlisted story ‘The Ends of the Earth’. Available now on Amazon.




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Yeovil Literary Prize Anthology 

200 pages of the very best winners, highly commended and commended short stories and poems from two years of this prestigious competition, combined in one volume. Includes my story ‘Roses, Roses, All the Way.’  Available on Amazon.



Day TerrorDay Terrors (The Harrow Press)

New horror short story anthology, published by The Harrow Press, USA, available on Amazon. Includes my story ‘The Sands of Time‘.

“Emma C Seaman rounds off the book with…an interesting example of the kind of ghost story that used to be called science fantasy, which – if well done, as it is here – needs no apology…it’s always pleasing to come across new names who can really write.”



8 rooms book cover

Eight Rooms (Legend Press 2009)

The latest in ‘The Short Story Re-invented’ series, this centres the action for each story in one single room, revealing the passions and intrigues contained therein. Available from Legend Press.

Available from Legend Press.





The Remarkable Everyday book cover

The Remarkable Everyday (Legend Press 2005, reissued 2008)

An anthology which aims to uncover the lives of those people who may fleetingly pass you by every day. “…causes the reader to empathise and escape, reflect and react.”  Rebecca Strong, Society of Young Publishers.

“E.C. Seaman’s ‘Wednesday’ is … a raw exploration of feminine insecurity and suppressed individuality.”  Nena Skrbic, in the foreword to the collection. Available from Legend Press



7 days book coverSeven Days (Legend Press 2007)

Seven authors offer original, cutting-edge stories, depicting life from very different angles.

 “E.C. Seaman’s second-person narration works well, placing the reader in (drug addict) Johnny’s mind… there are also some neat turns of phrase.”  David Hebblethaite – The New Review

Available from Legend Press



8 hours book cover

Eight Hours (Legend Press 2008)

A dynamic cross between the short story and the novel, eight different authors offer a story following one main character for a single hour, revealing an intriguing mix of powerful snapshots.

“A subtle and skilful writer, whose work stood out in ‘Seven Days’, Seaman (now) paints a deliciously catty portrait of an ambitious politician’s holiday with his family, told from the perspective of the three women… who take part it in.”   Ann Morgan – The Roundtable Review   Available from Legend Press


Riptide Vol 2 Book Cover

Riptide – Volume 2 (University of Exeter / Dirt Pie Press 2008)

Contemporary, historical, humorous, plaintive – short stories with an undercurrent. Introduced by Joanne Harris, also includes stories by Michael Morpurgo and Luke Kennard and my story ‘Miss Vandermeyer and the Star Baby’.





Midnight Lullabies book cover

Midnight Lullabies (Harrow Press 2007)

A horror anthology, containing “things that dwell just beyond the edge of the firelight.” Introduced by Tim Wynne-Jones, all proceeds from the publication go to the charity ‘Doctors without Borders’.

“E.C. Seaman’s is a story to remember. One cannot help letting (your) mind go back to it, every now and then – and that is one of the telling signs of a good story, isn’t it? It is impossible not to feel the special atmosphere of the story…”  Kfir Luzzato – Editor.

Thanks also to:

The National Short Story website –

Following the launch of ‘Seven Days’, they requested ‘an authors view’ article from me, about writing short stories – which you can find here.

New Writer

When I started writing, The New Writer team have been hugely supportive of my work, publishing three stories and an article about writing. Two of these stories have also won ‘Highly Commended’ in their annual prose and poetry awards.

Dark Tales Tales magazine

My very first publication! They awarded top prize to the first story I ever wrote; a total thrill, and it gave me the confidence to keep writing.