Brain food

Just come back from holiday – only a couple of days in Cornwall, nowhere exotic, but ohmiGod it was fab. I don’t know whether it was the unbroken nights of sleep, the salty fresh air, thirty lengths of the swimming pool before breakfast everyday, or the vast quantities of fabulous seafood and fish I consumed, but my brain seems to have been working on overtime ever since. I realised I’d made a little booboo in my last short story (to do with the orientation of the Tate St Ives – could only be solved by seeing it for real, not working from memory) and also came back with the most marvellous idea (I think) for another novel. Hurrah! Just have to finish editing Lookeylikey now, though a few days away have given me renewed enthusiasm for that task as well. Hurray for holidays, and BTW, if you are ever in St Ives, try having dinner at The Hobblers House. It’s quaint verging on twee, but serves the most fabulous, simply fresh fish dishes I’ve ever had. And as for their ambrosial homemade date and pistachio icecream…. mmmmmm… (makes contented drooling noises, eyes glaze over at the taste-memory….)

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  1. Andrew Blackman

    Sounds fantastic, Emma. Unbroken sleep, salty air, swimming and seafood sounds like exactly what I need – feel like going to Paddington right now and jumping on the next train to St Ives! I do find that, while routine is important, my best ideas come when I take a break from the routine, even if only for a short time. Hope that your novel idea turns out to be just as marvellous, or even more so, as you begin to flesh it out. If not, perhaps you can head back to the Hobblers House in search of more inspiration 🙂

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