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Want your name on the credits of a great British film? Then read on…

Eric Colvin (one of the leads in this film) is a very talented actor, and happens to be the big bro of an old chum of mine… he sent me this story, and I just had to share it with you… It shows what you can achieve when you are really inspired, but also shows the increasing  importance of collaboration, especially when it comes to funding Arts Projects. I’ve seen several Short Story Anthologies recently seeking collaborative funding (Willesden Herald seem to be going down this route), and it’s a great way to support projects that enthuse you.  Have a look at the link below, and if you feel inspired, why not donate £20 (or £2,000)… I know I’m going to!
“Andy Phelps and Jake Hawkins celebrated getting laid-off from their respective day-jobs as an opportunity to do what they would much rather have been doing all along – making a low-budget horror movie. Zombie Resurrection was written in 2010, and in January 2011 they started working full time on producing the movie.
After raising the first slice of funding from two private investors, the film was shot over 24 days in August 2011, in the South of England. Zombie Resurrection isn’t like other low-budget zombie movies. It has all the gore, screams and jumps you’d expect from a horror movie, but it has great characters, humour and social commentary besides…
When you’re doing what you love doing, day in and day out, you can get a lot done. In only 18 months they chaps conceived, wrote, financed, produced and shot a highly ambitious feature. The footage and the first edit look fabulous, and they just need the final push to get the movie out there. While the initial investment got the guys through to the end of the shoot, they now need more money to get the film finished and ready for distribution.
At the moment, the UK is a really unhelpful place to make movies – no studios, no government interest in genre cinema, a Film Council that has just been closed down, and all this in the middle of a harsh economic climate. This is why crowd funding is so important in keeping the sparks of independent film making alight.  Independent cinema is the absolute bedrock of a country’s film industry, where actors, crew and filmmakers learn their craft. We will be massively grateful for any contributions to getting us across the finish line; proof that passion and tenacity can still triumph even when the system is stacked against you.”

To see Zombie Resurrection’s completely bonkers and brilliant trailer, or become part of this great slice of British movie-making, visit:

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