Girl on film

Is this what they call a triple threat?

Is this what they call a triple threat?

Okay, so they’re not *quite* as sexy as the iconic Duran Duran video for Girls on Film (released over 30 years ago, though it seems like yesterday…) but the videos I’ve been helping to make for work are now available!

I’ve been telling clients for ages that they need to harness the power of YouTube to promote their businesses – and now I have first hand experience of making videos, I’ll be pushing that route even harder.

I was lucky enough to work with a professional videographer – the talented and eternally amiable Tom Turner from Paramore Productions, who guided me (and some very nervous clients) through the filming process.  Tom’s patience and humour helped the clients relax into telling their stories – and his ‘Which film-star do you look like?’ game had me giggling… we had a dead-ringer for James McAvoy on the Plymouth shoot, and I apparently have Sandra Bullock’s cheekbones (though not her figure or salary, sadly…)

Outset Client Anthony Bueno from A & R Events and Promotions.

It was amazing to see the attention to detail that goes into making a simple ‘talking heads’  film – Tom had me fluffing face-powder on a clients’s bald spot, he took painstaking efforts to maximise lighting to flatter skin tones, and he also has ears like a bat, picking up the sound of a hand-dryer running elsewhere in the building before it had a chance to ruin the recording. Filming wasn’t without difficulties – the lurid green-screen in the Plymouth studio gave every interviewee a strobing aura, which left me with a screaming migraine, and gave Tom plenty of virtual headaches during the edit – but the end results are exactly what we wanted.

You won’t see me on the final versions – I’ve been lost in the edit, as they say, which was always the deal. My role was simply to interview the clients to camera, so their stories could be captured, and hopefully, to then inspire other people to take the leap into self-employment and start their own business. If you’re interested, you can take a look at the finished videos here.